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Visual Works
The visuals/VJ works are my second passion after electronic music production, some of the visuals shown here may appear on my next single in video form, many of these compositions were created in Cinema 4D, after some small edits in Photoshop and then processed in Resolume, I was inspired by the visuals of games like beatmania and dj max and also in the future, technology, sci-fi.
Thanks to Beeple for some 3D models

©2013 Ric4RDeep

▪Final Fantasy Chronicles (Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV)

▪Final Fantasy Chronicles (Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV)
▪Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack

Final Fantasy Chronicles (Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV)

I bought
this great game last year (2012), for me it is simply one of the best games ever created (Chrono Trigger) many years ago I had the original SNES cartridge, sold it (big mistake) to a guy named FocoFijo, currently is one of more expensive games from SNES, usually above $500 and new (very rare) $2000 or more, concerning to Final Fantasy IV honestly never played it but it’s good game (o sea es un FF wn!) 

Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack

Is a very good soundtrack, based on new chrono trigger compositions that were made for the psx version also includes many of his original songs by Yasunori Mitsuda

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